2M 18650 PVC Heat Shrink

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Product physical mechanical properties:
(1) Appearance: smooth surface, uniform thickness, no obvious spots, no traces of oil, impurities, folding.
(2) the proportion: 1.36.
(3) Heat shrinkage: tested at 100 Deg.C, horizontal shrinkage of 48 ± 3%, vertical 12 ± 3% can be close to the product.
Shrinkable heat shrinkable machine can also be used hair dryer, water shrinkage.
(4) Flexibility: After the package shrinks, it will not crack on cement surface three times in different directions from vertical and horizontal from 1 meter height.
(5) Color: After the package shrinks, it will be stored in the environment of 30 Deg.C without color change such as discoloration and discoloration.
(6) Tensile: less than 2%.
(7) Water absorption ≤ 0.5%.
(8) Natural Shrinkage: Natural shrinkage ≤0.5% at 30 Deg.C.
(9) Resistivity ≥1 × 1015Ω / cm3 (relative humidity≤65% at room temperature).
(10) Electrical performance.
Single-layer thickness breakdown voltage breakdown time
0.07 ~ 0.09 ≥ 6KV • & decDC10
0.10 ~ 0.14≥8KV • & decDC10
0.15 ~ 0.20≥10KV • & decDC10

Product scope and industry:
(1) Widely used in all kinds of commodities such as wine, food, sporting goods, disinfecting tableware, electric appliance, daily necessities, handicrafts, building materials, audio and video products, medicines, stationery, toys, portals, plastic hardware, glass ceramics, Packaging, so that its appearance is more clear and beautiful, improve product packaging grade, the product from dust, flowers and other protective effect is the ideal film packaging material.
(2) bottle packaging: food and medicine bottle anti-corrosion, anti-leak sealing, such as: cosmetics nozzle, soy sauce bottle, wine bottle mouth, glass bottles and plastic bottle mouth packaging, gas bottle switch package, five gallons of mineral water bottle Packaging and so on.

(3) Insulating packaging for electrolysis fuses, batteries, lighting, inductors, metal steel pipes, wire and cable joints, etc., with the features of anti-corrosion, dustproof, acid and alkali proof, colorful, smooth surface, Low price and good insulation


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