APM2.8 APM 2.8 Flight Controller Board

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APM V2.8 Flight controller Description:

- This version eliminates the 1.0mm 6P SM06B GPS interface of V2.52 old version, and change it into DF13-4P I2C external compass interface.

- Put DF13-5P GPS interface with external compass interface, convenient for the connection of GPS and externalcompass.

- V2.52 I2C interface changes to multifunctional MUX interface

- Modified version added isolation resistor, when the OSD interface used with telemetry, the interfaces is effectively avoided

- V2.52 version 3.5V power supply adopts IPS79133, 6V withstand voltage, output current 100mA, need to supply power for six IC, slightly inadequate power supply ability, easy to be burnt down. The new version adopts US LP2985-3.3, 16V withstand voltage, more reliable, reducing the possibility of Bad Gyro health

APM V2.8.0 Flight Controller

- Needle: straight

- Power supply: LP2985-3.3

- Max voltage: 16V

- Add a 47uF tantalum capacitor

- Port: MUX (UART0, UART2, mnnI2 and OSD are optional, OSD is the defaulted output)

Jumper cap choose:

- Built-in compass: plug the jumper cap in the MAG pin header.

- External compass: pull up the jumper cap from the MAG pin header.

M8N GPS Module:

GPS Chip parameters:

Receiver type 72-channel M8 engine



Galileo-ready E1B/C (M8N)

Nav. update rate1 Single GNSS: up to 18 HZ

Concurrent GNSS: up to 10 Hz

Position accuracy2 2.0 m CEP

Acquisition2 Cold starts: 26 s

Aided starts: 2 s

Reacquisition: 1.5 s

Sensitivity2 Tracking & Nav: –167 dBm

Cold starts: –148 dBm

Hot starts: –156 dBm

Assistance AssistNow GNSS Online

AssistNow GNSS Offline (up to 35 days)3

AssistNow Autonomous (up to 6 days)

OMA SUPL & 3GPP compliant

Oscillator TCXO (M8N/Q),

Crystal (M8M)

RTC crystal Built-In

Noise figure On-chip LNA (M8M). Extra LNA for

lowest noise figure (M8N/Q)

Anti jamming Active CW detection and removal. Extra

onboard SAW band pass filter (M8N/Q)

Supported antennas Active and passive

Odometer Travelled distance

Data-logger For position, velocity, and time (M8N)

Operating temp. –40° C to 85° C

Storage temp. –40° C to 85° C (M8N/Q)

–40° C to 105° C (M8M)

RoHS compliant (lead-free)

Qualification according to ISO 16750

Manufactured and fully tested in ISO/TS 16949 certified production sites

Uses M8 chips qualified according to AEC-Q100

Supply voltage 1.65 V to 3.6 V (M8M)

2.7 V to 3.6 V (M8N/Q)

Power consumption4 23 mA @ 3.0 V (continuous)

5 mA @ 3.0 V Power Save Mode

(1 Hz, GPS mode only)

Backup Supply 1.4 to 3.6 V

Timepulse Configurable 0.25 Hz to 10 MHz

Package included:

1 x APM 2.8 Flight controller Board with Shock Absorber

5 x 10cm servo cables

1 x M8N GPS Module with Shell

1 x GPS Stand Holder

1 x APM Power Module

1 x Mini OSD with Shell

1 x 433Mhz / 915Mhz 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit ( Send it as your choice )


1.About the APM 2.8 FC Board, because of the different production batches, the board colour or shell has a little difference, send it at random.

2. The firmware of GPS is fixed , do not need to revise it; You can use it directly after receiving the GPS

3. About the 8N GPS, Because of different production batch, there are two kinds of shell, send the shell at random.

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