Camera Stabilizer Monitor Controller Tripod Holder For DJI Mavic Mini

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Environment friendly material

This modification kit can make the mavic Mini become a hand-held pan tilt stabilizer, give full play to the shock absorption effect of the three-axis pan tilt, so that the small aircraft can be photographed in flight or on land, and more importantly, it can use the remaining power after the mavic Mini is unable to fly to continue shooting in emergency;

The contact surface between the product and the fuselage and the remote control is pasted with sponge protection layer, which can effectively prevent the fuselage from being scratched

1 / 4 screw holes shall be reserved at the bottom of the machine body to connect all accessories with 1 / 4 screw such as tripod / extension bar.

With the product, you can hold the remote control with both hands to take photos, and control the buttons such as taking photos, video recording, tilt of the platform, etc. at the same time of taking photos, making the shooting more convenient


Compatible Drone Brand: DJI

Weight: 32g

Package: Yes

Packing include:

1 set gimbal holder

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