FPV USV OTG 5.8G Full Channel Receiver

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This is the newest version, add auto sweep and matc frequency, Graphical interface, Snow screen 0.1s Delay.

Sail model of affection and dedication, support any flight control, 150 frequency points + automatic sweep frequency + spectrum instrument graphical interface + snow display +...... more simple and beautiful appearance.

Original 150 point full frequency band scan 1500 times to calculate the intensity of RSSI, locking the most accurate frequency.

We increase the channel to 150, the accuracy is 2m, 2m is also the highest, 2m basic can lock ninety-five percent signal points, which is the highest accuracy of the chip.

With a high accuracy, then the abstract radio, this thing is the mobile spectrum instrument, you can detect the quality of the antenna, the transmitter to do horizontal comparison, the factory's electromagnetic environment testing, aircraft, etc.


Color: Black

Product name: 5.8G FPV receiver

Output signal: AV analog signal

Only suit for android support UVC

Size: 61x33x10mm

Net weight: 30mm

Package includes

1 x 5.8G FPV Receiver

1 x OTG Cable

1 x Connector

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