HRB Lipo Battery

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HRB 1800mah Lipo Battery 2S 3S 4S 2200mah 5000mah 6000mah 2600mah 11.1V 7.4V 14.8V 5S 6S XT60 Deans T TRX Airplane RC Parts Car

Size: Length * Width * Height (plusmn 0-3mm) (plusmn0-5g)

11.1V 1800mah : 105*34*20mm 142g

11.1V 2600mah : 115*34*26mm 189g

11.1V 5000mah : 155*48*24mm 376g

14.8V 5000mah : 155*48*32mm 492g

18.5V 5000mah : 155*48*40mm 608g

22.2V 5000mah : 155*48*48mm 725g

7.4V 5000mah : 155*48*16mm 260g

11.1V 6000mah : 155*44*29mm 425g

14.8V 6000mah : 155*44*38mm 558g

22.2V 6000mah : 155*44*57mm 824g

7.4V 6000mah 60C : 138*46*24mm 295g

14.8V 1500mah : 70*35*34mm 150g

14.8V 2200mah : 105*34*32mm 220g

14.8V 3300mah: 135*42*30mm 318g

14.8V 4200mah : 135*42*34mm 410g

14.8V 5200mah : 135*42*40mm 488g

7.4V 5200mah : 138*46*24mm 275g

7.4V 7000mah : 138*46*24mm 312g

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