Pagoda 2 pagoda-2 5.8GHz FPV Antenna SMA

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Center frequency: 5.8 GHz

Bandwidth: 500 MHz (5.55 – 6.05 GHz)

Matching: S11 < -20 dB, VSWR < 1.22 (at center frequency)

Axial ratio: < 1.3

Radiation efficiency: 95%

Quantity:2 piece

Connector: SMA/ RP-SMA

Color: Black / Red


- Omnidirectional circularly polarized antenna

- Light weight Small size

- The new technology metal main rod,almost perfect axial ratio

- Very low standing wave smooth omnidirectional radiation receiving mode

- Silicone case can be easily installed and removed,light weight protection antenna.

1 or 2pcs x pagoda antenna (send as your choice)

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