TCBWORTH 7.4V 2S 2200mAh 60C Lipo Battery

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Capacity: 2200mAh

Continuous Discharge Rate: 60C

Burst Rate: 120C

Voltage Per Cell: 3.7V

Max Voltage Per Cell: 4.2V

Voltage Per Pack: 7.4V

Max Voltage Per Pack: 8.4V

Suggested Charge Rate:1-5C


Plug: T/XT60/XT90/EC5/JST/XT150/MIYADA/AS150/Banana 3.5mm & 4.0mm

Size: 106*34*17.5mm



Please charge the battery fully once received.

Do not store a fully charged battery for more than 48hrs, perform a storage charge to store for longer periods.

Do not allow the cell voltage to drop below 3.5V.

Package Includes:

1 x 7.4V LiPo Battery.

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