ZTW Beatle Series 2-6s 20A 30A 40A 50A 60A 80A Speed Controller

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ZTW Beatles series ESC is a beginning level product line for fixed wing. This line product is specially designed for the beginner who is sensitive to price and performance. Also it is ready to use right out of box, every default is set for the best convenience of the customer, no programming needed. If you like to program for a change you can use our air program card (sold separately).It features light weight, small size, super smooth start up and throttle linearity, multiple protection, low cost and best performance at this level of product.



Output current: 20A

Instant current:30A(10 seconds)

Power:5-10 nimh/nickel cadmium battery or 2-3 lithium batteries


BEC output:5V/2A



Unlimited rotate speed support:Unlimited support the Maxmium Speed of all brushless motors

Cycling menu set, easy to operate

High Precision and stable accelerator linear

Security power function: does not start motor wherever the accelerator draw bar places when power on, prevencting from sudden retation of motor

Protection of Remote Signal loss

Over heat protection: down to half power automatically when temperature up to 110 Centigrade and recover when temperature below 110 Centigrade

High capacity of servo installation

Compatible with all kinds of brushless motor

Support Programme function


Output :Continuous Current 30A ,Burst Current 40A for 10 second

Battery Cell :5-10NC/2-3Lip

Weight :26g

BEC Output :5V/2A

Size :43*25*10mm(L*W*H)


Extremely low internal resistance

Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity

Safety thermal over-load protection

Auto throttle shut down in signal lose situation

Supports high RPM motors

Power arming protection (prevents the motor from accidentally running when switched ON)

New Advanced programming software


Extremely low internal resistance.

Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity.

Safety thermal over-load protection.

Auto throttle shut down in signal lose situation.

Supports high RPM motors.

Power arming protection (prevents the motor from accidentally running when switched ON).

New Advanced programming software.

Size: 52*27*11mm(L*W*H)

Weight: 36g

Continuous current: 40A

Peak current(10s): 50A

Battery: 2 - 4Lipo / 5-12NC

BEC output: 5V/3A

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